The fateful day that burst Puentes reservoir (Lorca)

The fateful day that burst Puentes reservoir (Lorca)
A total of 608 people lost their lives in this tragic event, which occurred at the dawn of the 19th century.

At three o’clock in the afternoon of Sunday, April 30, 1802, a catastrophic water tragedy occurred in the Region of Murcia, when the punished wooden floodgates of the Puentes reservoir (Lorca) could no longer withstand the great pressure of the retained waters. The Lorca neighborhood of San Cristóbal suffered, fully, the onslaught of the furious avenue of water, mixed with rocks, mud and beams, which in less than an hour devastated everything that was found in its path, including 608 human lives (it is believed which were more, due to the fact that some bodies were not found), 1,800 houses and an important extension of farmlands. According to the experts, the breaking of this reservoir was a matter of time, since during the construction many deficiencies were observed that the people in charge of the work omitted, ignoring the warnings of different reports not favorable, in which was indicated the great danger of building a dam on a sandy and unstable ground.

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