Pou Clar, or the natural pools of the Clariano River

Pou Clar, or the natural pools of the Clariano River
A very short distance from the Valencian city of Ontinyent we find this group of large and refreshing pools.

Next to the road that joins Bocairent with Ontinyent (CV-81), a few meters below it, is the curious spot of the Pou Clar, as overflowing with water as crowded of people in the summer months. The place is composed of different pools of fresh water and, although each is known by a name, only one gives name to the set: the Pou Clar. Others are the pools (or pous) dels Esclaus, Gelat, Salze, Reixa, Fosc and dels Cavalls. In addition, in some of these pools there are water springs that contribute a significant amount of liters to the Clariano River. Likewise, from this spot water is channeled, at least since the 15th century, to irrigate the Ontinyent orchard. In addition, downstream were established about fifteen mills that used the force of water to move their machinery. Also, from the 20th century, until the 1960s, these waters were also used to supply homes in the city.

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